What’s going on now?

The hypermedia API has taken a back seat for the last couple of months.  I’ve been working on a bunch of projects that have taken my time. I have a couple that have my interest so they’re getting the largest share of my time but yet have so many more to work on. Read more ›

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Yeah, yeah… I’ve been away for a while.

So I got bored with blogging a few years ago, but I’m going to give it another go. I’ve been doing a lot with Hypermedia based APIs and am working on a project that is just in concept right now. It’s a green field project where we are considering a microservices architecture and all new devops tooling from end to end. Should be exciting with all of those buzzwords, eh?  Hopefully I can post regular updates here on what lessons we learn along the way.

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SpringOne 2GX – Final Day

SpringOne 2GX wrapped up yesterday, but I had to make a mad dash to the airport (only to sit and wait for the jet to have some mechanical work done) so I didn’t get to write my closing thoughts until today. Read more ›

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SpringOne 2GX – Day 3

It was another great full day of sessions at SpringOne 2GX in New Orleans. I attended 5 interesting sessions and got about as much technical info loaded into my brains as is reasonably expected in one day. Read more ›

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SpringOne 2GX – Day 2

Today was a great full day of sessions at SpringOne 2GX in New Orleans. I went to 5 sessions and had a great time at lunch and the evening reception meeting new people. Read more ›

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SpringOne 2GX – Day 1

Had a great time at SpringOne 2GX today. Basically it was registration, mingling and the keynote, but it was good. Read more ›

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SpringOne 2GX here I come

I’m headed to SpringOne 2GX tomorrow with a colleague of mine. I’m super pumped about it. I hope to get to meet some of the people who have helped me in my Spring/Groovy/Grails journey over the years via forums, blogs, and twitter by responding to my questions or opinions. It’ll be nice to meet, in person, Dave Klein, Andres Almiray, Graeme Rocher, and Jeff Scott Brown… just to name a few.

I spent hours looking over the session slides and, as is normal for any NFJS related conference, there are too many great sessions to go to them all. I am still up in the air on a few of the time slots because I just can’t decide yet. I am waiting to see if I want to follow a few threads deeply or just get the shallow details and move on to something else. I am really interested in Groovy and Grails tooling so I will definitely be hitting some sessions on STS. I also want to learn something about Roo… I’m just not sure whether I’ll make it all the way to the ‘advanced Roo’ session. Basically, I’ll be all over the board as far as session topics so I can’t really say there’s a theme for me.

I’ll add some postings to the blog in case anyone is interested in my opinions on the topics/sessions I attended.

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Being objective about web frameworks

A lot of times ‘Java people’ dismiss RoR and other non-Java web frameworks (and vice versa) without even taking an objective look at them. The author of this post makes some good arguments for staying open minded about web frameworks.

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Finding Celerity

This weekend I wanted to get ahead on one of my tasks at work, which was to write some Watir scripts that would help us do a small load test on a new application we have and the server infrastructure on which it lives. I got the Watir scripts working generically but wanted to make them a bit more dynamic. As I was browsing the Watir site’s documentation I saw a mention of a related project called Celerity. It sounded like Watir without the need to actually invoke the events of a real browser. Read more ›

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It's Alive!!!… the build server, that is.

We were finally able to procure a build server so I spent some time over the last few days setting up Hudson for the first time.  For the first project I used one of the projects we already have setup for automated building with ANT.  I added the following ANT tasks and Hudson plugins: Checkstyle, FindBugs, Cobertura, PMD, Warnings, Violations, and Tasks.  I tried JavaNCSS but had a few issues with it.  I could get it to run using the ANT task documentation from the JavaNCSS website, but not from the javancss2ant documentation.  It didn’t understand the output file attributes so it just printed the results to the console.  It was probably user error on my part… I’ll try again someday soon. Read more ›

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