I actually own the domain name. I bought it thinking it would be a clever name for a domain. After I bought it I thought about using it as my ‘home’ instead of I guess you can call me a chicken, but I decided it might cause me pain. I did some research on some domain name disputes and it is clear to me that the courts are on the side of business… especially when its BIG business. I figured with my luck I’d do something insanely intelligent (Luck I tell you) and people would flock to the site, only to have Sun Microsystems take it all away in court for using So even though I was operating a java dotcom (i.e. my own future company which would be based on java technologies) the courts would hammer me for infringing upon their trademarked name. So its Who the heck is going to sue me for that?

There is that dang Nascar Driver…..

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