Entering the blogosphere – with purpose.

So why do I blog? Well, a few weeks ago I heard a guy in a podcast or something, can’t remember exactly, say something along the lines of “With the way information is flowing today, and what KIDS just know about the internet and online identities, if you’re in a tech field and you don’t have an online identity in 2010 then you will be at a disadvantage to those who do.” I can’t remember the details because at the moment I giggled about it. A few days later, during my daughters 3rd birthday party at my house, I walked into my office and found my wife trying to help my nephew upload a picture she had just taken of him into his myspace page. We fiddled around with it for a bit and finally got it done. I was somewhat taken by the fact that he’s 12 years old and was talking about this friends page and that friends page, how cool they were, and how many people visited them. I decided that the guy I had heard was probably right. I wish I would have paid more attention to who he was. I do remember that he had started and sold 4 or 5 companies that were on the edge of technology – basically the commentator was saying he had a knack for seeing things coming and being right about them.
I decided to create an online persona… even if noone sees any of it. I also decided I had to do it with a purpose. I struggled with what sort of content to blog about: gripes, programming, design and architecture stuff, or whatever. Up to now I’ve pretty much just babbled on about this or that. I will probably still do so from time to time, but I’m going to try to focus on important issues… things that I can offer some intelligible thoughts and ideas to. I dont want to be the four hundred thousandth guy who teaches you how to make curved divs with CSS or the 2 millionth who says you should check into SOA. I want to be more pointed. So, there are 4 major categories of stuff I’m going to have on the site. First, I have decided to make available some of the code I re-write in one form or another client after client. I’ll write them with a generic spin so that they aren’t tailored to any client. Second, I want to document the ‘gotchas’ that I see in architecture and development. Any one might be a small code level issue or some major enterprise architecture decision that could derail whatever it is you are working on. Third, general development and architecture ‘preaching’ – self explanatory. And finally, anything else I want to mention. I’ll try to keep this to a minimum and I’ll try to make sure that whatever it is has a point – Again, I don’t want to just babble. 🙂
The first framework I’m going to make available is what I’m calling JobMF (Java Organized Byte Message Framework). It will be a framework for creating ‘fixed’ format messages in Java. See my next post for more details. It’s a crappy name, and I’ll take suggestions for a new one if you’ve got any. I have a list of ‘gotchas’ a mile long so I just have to decide what is worthy and post them. As for the other stuff, well, as the mood strikes me about something, I’ll write it up.
Anyways, enough babbling about what I’m going to try to not just babble about in the future. I hope I write something that people find interesting.

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