Checking out the dynamic language scene (Briefly)

Here in the midwest we were inundated with a massive snow storm this weekend.  I took the time I was stuck inside to finally give Groovy (and Grails) a day long once over.  Recently I have checked out Scala and JRuby.  I have to say, I like them all at this point.  I definitely haven’t spent enough time with any of them to endorse one over the other, but it is exciting to see that the JVM is being ‘extended’ beyond plain ol’ Java.

If I was pegged down and had to pick one considering the limited time I have spent with them , I’d say I’d go with Groovy.  All other things being equal, I like its closure style and Grails simply rocks.   All the playing I did was really simple, but I tried enough scenarios to determine it would be capable of handling some of the database and domain scenarios I would like to throw at it.

I’m definitely going to get more into these dynamic languages for the JVM.

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