SpringOne 2GX here I come

I’m headed to SpringOne 2GX tomorrow with a colleague of mine. I’m super pumped about it. I hope to get to meet some of the people who have helped me in my Spring/Groovy/Grails journey over the years via forums, blogs, and twitter by responding to my questions or opinions. It’ll be nice to meet, in person, Dave Klein, Andres Almiray, Graeme Rocher, and Jeff Scott Brown… just to name a few.

I spent hours looking over the session slides and, as is normal for any NFJS related conference, there are too many great sessions to go to them all. I am still up in the air on a few of the time slots because I just can’t decide yet. I am waiting to see if I want to follow a few threads deeply or just get the shallow details and move on to something else. I am really interested in Groovy and Grails tooling so I will definitely be hitting some sessions on STS. I also want to learn something about Roo… I’m just not sure whether I’ll make it all the way to the ‘advanced Roo’ session. Basically, I’ll be all over the board as far as session topics so I can’t really say there’s a theme for me.

I’ll add some postings to the blog in case anyone is interested in my opinions on the topics/sessions I attended.

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