SpringOne 2GX – Day 2

Today was a great full day of sessions at SpringOne 2GX in New Orleans. I went to 5 sessions and had a great time at lunch and the evening reception meeting new people.

My first session of the day was ‘Clustering a Grails Application for Scalability and Availability’ by Burt Beckwith. This was a good session. It was geared towards Tomcat and MySQL which we are not using, but I still managed to get some good nuggets of information that will, no doubt, prove useful in our Grails endeavors.

My next session was ‘RESTful Grails’ with Scott Davis. I’ve seen several of Scott’s presentations and he never disappoints. He is an energetic and entertaining presenter who is really dynamic and has a great passion for the topics on which he speaks. He laid out some really great stats on RESTful APIs at Google, Amazon, and ebay that really speak to how REST is taking over. I’ll leave it to him to detail the stats.

Lunch was great. NFJS has some killer meals and today was no exception. We had some good lunch conversations with others who seemed to work for organizations very similar to the one we work for. I’ve found that most of the people I’ve talked to work for organizations in really similar Spring/Groovy/Grails adoption modes to ours. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our discovery and struggles.

After lunch I hit the ‘Whats new in SpringSource Tool Suite’ session. This was a good session. The speaker, Christian Dupuis, talked a lot about STS’s integration with Spring 3.0 and the capabilities STS will have as far as code completion and validation.

After much anticipation I got introduced to Spring Roo in the ‘Introducing Spring Roo: Extreme Productivity in 10 Minutes’ session by Ben Alex. He did a great job giving a high level overview of Spring Roo and setting up the follow up session that will give a more in-depth view of Spring Roo. I have to say that Spring Roo is impressive. I like the loose parallels with Grails without the runtime penalties (although I’m a Grails guy). He explained how it makes sense how they both fit in the landscape without really competing. I can say that I will definitely look to use Roo on future projects where we can’t/don’t use Grails. I’ll be doing some playing around with Roo over the next few weeks.

The last session I attended today was ‘Grails for the Enterprise’ by Robert Fischer. This was billed as an introduction to Grails, which I didn’t need, but I went anyways. And I’m glad I did. Robert gave an overview of the case for Grails with some emphasis on the parts/plugins he knew well because he had either created or contributed to them. When the open questions part of the session came, Robert did a 5 minute demo on creating a plugin that, if there wasn’t already enough reason, made the whole session worthwhile for me. It was a great session for me… the kind where you get an answer to a question or two that almost makes the cost of attending the conference worth it.

After all of the sessions, dinner was served and a keynote ensued. After the keynote speech, another reception took place where I got to mingle with some more good folks.

It was definitely a great conference day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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