SpringOne 2GX – Day 3

It was another great full day of sessions at SpringOne 2GX in New Orleans. I attended 5 interesting sessions and got about as much technical info loaded into my brains as is reasonably expected in one day.

The first session I attended was ‘Extreme Web Productivity with Spring Roo’ with Stefan Schmidt. I am really interested in Roo. Stefan dived in to some of the web side functionality that Roo offers and I have to say it is pretty compelling.

The next session I attending was ‘RESTing Easy with Grails’ with Andrew Glover. This was a really good session. I liked seeing how Andrew’s take on REST with grails contrasted with his partner at Thirstyhead, Scott Davis.

I then attended ‘Advanced Gorm’ by Burt Beckwith. Wow. What an eye opener. Burt showed how very simple ‘tutorial following’ style of development can get you into some trouble if you don’t understand whats happening under the covers. I took away a few things that I’m going to checkout when I get back to the office to make sure we are doing the best way.

My final two sessions were about plug in development with Graeme Rocher. These were just what I needed to fill a gap I thought existed in Grails – reuse. I knew about the plugin ecosystem, but hadn’t equated it with high level reuse scenarios inside of our company. He explained in detail how plugins work and went on to demo creating a couple of twitter plugins. It was a great session.

Today is the last day and I have a few sessions lined up.

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