SpringOne 2GX – Final Day

SpringOne 2GX wrapped up yesterday, but I had to make a mad dash to the airport (only to sit and wait for the jet to have some mechanical work done) so I didn’t get to write my closing thoughts until today.

I attended two sessions Thursday and both were great. First I attended ‘Demystifying Spring Security in Grails’ by Burt Beckwith. Burt created a few applications with differing security styles using Spring Security. He is a really good presenter who has an obvious understanding of, and passion for, the Groovy/Grails ecosystem. He gave me several additional things to consider when writing applications that use Groovy and Grails.

My final session was ‘Design Patterns in Java and Groovy’ with Venkat Subramaniam. What a session. Venkat is such a great presenter that it’s hard to do him justice in a blog post. He really has a lot of fun and makes the audience have a lot of fun, too. Not only was it really entertaining, but the content was great, too. He spent the session time discussion many of our favorite Java patterns and how they would be implemented in Groovy. It was really nice to see how the code was reduced a significant amount into really concise, expressive statements. I would recommend this session to anyone who has a chance to see it.

All in all, I am very pleased with SpringOne 2GX. It was a great conference. The speakers were great. The content was great. I look forward to attending again.

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