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What if what you’re modeling really is anemic?

I firmly agree with Domain-Driven Design, but a few weeks ago I looked back at my last several projects and thought that I may not have been adhering to it. Martin Fowler wrote about an anti-pattern called AnemicDomainModel on this

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A journey ‘Back to Smalltalk’

I read a blog post about a developers journey from Smalltalk to PHP to Ruby and back with probably a bunch of other stuff mixed in between. In this post, the author puts into words many of the things I

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Saving planet Earth – Personally and Professionally

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I rented ‘An inconvenient truth’. This is the documentary by Al Gore about global warming. In it, Mr. Gore presents pretty compelling arguments that we are headed towards great peril unless we

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Old Java Dogs

There was a posting on Javalobby today that interested me. It was basically in response to a post by Yakov Fain, a well known java ‘opinionist’ (my term), where he basically said he didnt want anything new in the Java

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Entering the blogosphere – with purpose.

So why do I blog? Well, a few weeks ago I heard a guy in a podcast or something, can’t remember exactly, say something along the lines of “With the way information is flowing today, and what KIDS just know

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Development Guidlines for recent project

At one of my clients we were seeing the occasional spike in memory usage of their portal server. We’ve even seen some of the dreaded OutOfMemoryErrors. Most of the memory growth was natural – due to the growing usage of

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The importance of StringBuffer

I know I’ve said it a million times, its not really blog-ish content, and its documented ad nauseum all over the place, but you really need to use a StringBuffer when building large String objects from smaller String constituents. I

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