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Project Breakdown in [Eclipse] Workspaces

Yesterday, I was doing some refactoring on some code in Rational Application Developer (a derivative of eclipse) and I ended up creating a couple of new projects to house some of it.  When I told my colleague he’d need to

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Checking out the dynamic language scene (Briefly)

Here in the midwest we were inundated with a massive snow storm this weekend.  I took the time I was stuck inside to finally give Groovy (and Grails) a day long once over.  Recently I have checked out Scala and

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Hibernating with WebSphere and a non-journaling DB2/400 system

A few years ago, I worked as a consultant at a company that used DB2/400 as its main database platform.  The company did not have journaling ‘turned on’ so their database platform did not support transactions/commit control.  This did seem odd

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Open source application servers. A tough decision ahead for us.

One of the cool things about the new job I will _officially_ be starting in November is that we are going to look to use open source tools first.  The biggest choice we have to make on that front is

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I got a new job!

I have accepted a position at a company in Dayton.  The position is with a company that I have been working for as a consultant off and on (mostly on) for the last three years.  I will be a ‘Technical Architect’ in

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What if what you’re modeling really is anemic?

I firmly agree with Domain-Driven Design, but a few weeks ago I looked back at my last several projects and thought that I may not have been adhering to it. Martin Fowler wrote about an anti-pattern called AnemicDomainModel on this

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A journey ‘Back to Smalltalk’

I read a blog post about a developers journey from Smalltalk to PHP to Ruby and back with probably a bunch of other stuff mixed in between. In this post, the author puts into words many of the things I

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JavaFX – My first impressions

Sun introduced JavaFX today at JavaOne in San Francisco. Basically (from the web perspective), JavaFX is Sun’s attempt at a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework. Like MS Silverlight, Adobe Flex, and the many AJAX frameworks, JavaFX promises to make creating

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Saving planet Earth – Personally and Professionally

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I rented ‘An inconvenient truth’. This is the documentary by Al Gore about global warming. In it, Mr. Gore presents pretty compelling arguments that we are headed towards great peril unless we

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Old Java Dogs… continued

Well, the post on javalobby created quite a stir. There are stirs all the time and I usually don’t even bother opining about them, but as you can see from my previous post this time I did. Two major ideas

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