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Small Code Differences

I enjoyed this post about a scenario where code goes through an evolution based on different types of developers discovering it in succession and applying their own ‘style and wisdom’ to it. The post itself was creative and interesting, but

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Open source application servers. A tough decision ahead for us.

One of the cool things about the new job I will _officially_ be starting in November is that we are going to look to use open source tools first.  The biggest choice we have to make on that front is

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I got a new job!

I have accepted a position at a company in Dayton.  The position is with a company that I have been working for as a consultant off and on (mostly on) for the last three years.  I will be a ‘Technical Architect’ in

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LinkedIn vs FaceBook? Even for career/professional stuff?

I’ve been ‘LinkedIn’ for several months now.  I’ve made contacts with enough of my current and past colleagues to feel like its useful.  I’ve also gotten several serious employment inquiries.  I am a firm believer in the whole ‘web networking’

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My first attempt at a ‘Web 2.0′ look

If you’re one of the 142 people who have visited my site since its inception last month then you’ve probably noticed that I have changed the theme often. I was trying to find what would fit the times and what

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The Miami University CIT Spring Meeting Details

I’m a member of the Miami University (Ohio) Computer and Information Technology Advisory Council. Basically, we’re a group of people who work in the IT industry that Miami U visits with at least twice a year to discuss curricula, industry

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Old Java Dogs… continued

Well, the post on javalobby created quite a stir. There are stirs all the time and I usually don’t even bother opining about them, but as you can see from my previous post this time I did. Two major ideas

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Old Java Dogs

There was a posting on Javalobby today that interested me. It was basically in response to a post by Yakov Fain, a well known java ‘opinionist’ (my term), where he basically said he didnt want anything new in the Java

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Entering the blogosphere – with purpose.

So why do I blog? Well, a few weeks ago I heard a guy in a podcast or something, can’t remember exactly, say something along the lines of “With the way information is flowing today, and what KIDS just know

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Designing this blog

You’d think the hard part of having a blog is coming up with content… and you’d be correct. I have yet to put more than a few minutes of thought into any of my posts. I’m just trying to build

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