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SpringOne 2GX here I come

I’m headed to SpringOne 2GX tomorrow with a colleague of mine. I’m super pumped about it. I hope to get to meet some of the people who have helped me in my Spring/Groovy/Grails journey over the years via forums, blogs,

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Agile IT Experience, Day one

The day is over. The bar is still going strong, but too much smoke for me… and I’ve been in enough sessions on the day after a night of partying at a conference and I just dont have it in

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Database: Intelligent (Natural) keys versus Surrogate (Blind) Keys

I’m not a data architect or DBA, but in my current and past positions I, like most software developers, have been responsible for designing schemas for both simple and complex databases.  One thing I always waffle about is whether to

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Having a server ‘blip’ and Im at a client site…

… so my site will be down until I can get to the server and check it out.   Another reason to think about paid hosting. 

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My blog will be down for a little while.

We had some pretty bad storms last night and the power went out.  I forgot to head to the basement to fire the server back up.  I guess that’s one reason to think about paying for a hosted blog.  It

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TestDriven.Net vs M$: This Java Guy’s perspective

Just when I’m thinking how the momentum for M$ will probably kick into gear (JavaOne is over. The JavaFX buzz has died down) M$ drops this gem on the software development world. You’ve probably seen it by now and there

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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This guy is amazing on guitar

I’ve always loved playing the guitar. I’ve always loved tapping my hands and feet to drum beats (People always have to get on me for beating the table or desk or my feet while in meetings). I’m a decent rythm

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Alternate site design

My previous site design was a white background with a white and blue theme. Of the 4 or 5 people I had check out the logo, they all liked it, but didn’t think the MW jumped out at you. It

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I actually own the domain name. I bought it thinking it would be a clever name for a domain. After I bought it I thought about using it as my ‘home’ instead of I guess you can call

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