Being objective about web frameworks

A lot of times ‘Java people’ dismiss RoR and other non-Java web frameworks (and vice versa) without even taking an objective look at them. The author of this post makes some good arguments for staying open minded about web frameworks.

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Finding Celerity

This weekend I wanted to get ahead on one of my tasks at work, which was to write some Watir scripts that would help us do a small load test on a new application we have and the server infrastructure on which it lives. I got the Watir scripts working generically but wanted to make them a bit more dynamic. As I was browsing the Watir site’s documentation I saw a mention of a related project called Celerity. It sounded like Watir without the need to actually invoke the events of a real browser. Read more ›

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It's Alive!!!… the build server, that is.

We were finally able to procure a build server so I spent some time over the last few days setting up Hudson for the first time.  For the first project I used one of the projects we already have setup for automated building with ANT.  I added the following ANT tasks and Hudson plugins: Checkstyle, FindBugs, Cobertura, PMD, Warnings, Violations, and Tasks.  I tried JavaNCSS but had a few issues with it.  I could get it to run using the ANT task documentation from the JavaNCSS website, but not from the javancss2ant documentation.  It didn’t understand the output file attributes so it just printed the results to the console.  It was probably user error on my part… I’ll try again someday soon. Read more ›

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Messing with Selenium and Watir

Wow… long time since I posted. We have an application that is getting ready to go live for the customers of my customers and I wanted to do some load testing of the solution. The application was written by a contracting firm and was written using AJAX and RichFaces. The RichFaces and AJAX part adds complications to the conversation between client and server making it hard for tools to be used for automated activites. This posed a problem for me when I wanted to load test it. Read more ›

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Agile IT Experience… 5 closing thoughts.

I’ve been home from the Agile IT Experience for almost 24 hours now. I’ve had enough time to recover from the travel and lack of sleep. So, thinking back about the conference I have a few thoughts. Read more ›

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Agile IT Experience, Day two

The day is over. The bar is still going strong… and no smoke tonight!!! But I’m done. I spent enough dough (my own) and my boss and I had enough conversation that it was time to call it a night. We have a long drive home tomorrow… after two more sessions in the morning.
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Agile IT Experience, Day one

The day is over. The bar is still going strong, but too much smoke for me… and I’ve been in enough sessions on the day after a night of partying at a conference and I just dont have it in me anymore (Getting old I guess). So I ordered one last cold one to go and decided to write a few lines in the blog about today’s sessions.

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